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Pets First

Your pets are our #1 priority. We select only the finest, all-natural pet foods and products for your pets and only consider brands and products that we would serve our own. No artificial ingredients. No preservatives.

Environment Focused

We consider the environment in everything we do; recycling packages, materials and supplies every day; educating customers on the importance of going green; and working with our vendors and suppliers on sustainability.

Animals in Need

With EVERY purchase, a portion goes toward animals in need, all across the U.S. and Canada. Shelters, food banks, police K-9s, pets in disaster areas, etc. All animals deserve love and a happy, forever home and any way we can help, we will.

Pet Health

Many pet ailments are directly linked to nutrition and/or lack of exercise. Most critically, pet obesity, the number one epidemic affecting pets worldwide. Through education, our goal is to provide owners with information necessary to make informed decisions about their pet's health for a happy, longer life.

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