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Help Your Cat Live a Happy, Healthy Life

Help Your Cat Live a Happy, Healthy Life

By Pam Johnson-Bennett, CCBC
Courtesy of Modern Cat Magazine

You want the cats in your life to live long, happy and healthy lives. While there are some factors out of your control, there are a few things you can do to help ensure cats are living their best lives. Here are a few reminders, because sometimes a couple of aspects of cat care can accidentally get overlooked.

1. Don’t Skip Veterinary Visits
Dogs get seen by the veterinarian more often than cats do. For many cat parents, it’s too stressful to wrangle the cat into the carrier and take the trip to the clinic. For other cat parents, the need to have the cat checked out is based on whether he looks or acts sick. Keep in mind that cats are great at hiding signs of pain or illness. Even if your cat looks healthy, go for a yearly wellness check. Older cats should be seen more often.

2. Maintain a Good Nutritional Program
There are many options when it comes to what to feed your cat. Whether you feed a commercial diet, raw, or homecooked, work with your veterinarian to ensure your cat is getting the proper amount of nutrients and the correct portion of food to maintain good health and weight. In addition to feeding the appropriate food, make sure the mealtime set-up provides security. Feed-in a quiet area, and if you have a multicat household, make sure cats have their own individual bowls.

3. Create a Cat-Friendly Litter Box Set-up
Keep your litter box set-up simple, convenient and clean. Provide the right sized box and make sure your cat can get in and out comfortably. Use an unscented, soft litter in the right amount so it adequately covers the waste. Scoop the box at least twice daily and completely wash the box frequently. In a multicat household, scatter litter boxes throughout the home to reduce resource guarding or territorial squabbles, and make sure you have plenty of boxes. The rule of thumb is the same number of boxes as cats plus one extra for the house.

4. Have More Fun

Daily playtime is a great exercise for your cat and it’s also beneficial for his brain. Engage in at least two interactive play sessions using a wand-type toy to encourage your cat to stay active and to help build confidence. Solo play is important too, so provide fun toys for your cat to hunt and capture. Be creative in solo toy placement to spark interest. Place a toy in an open paper bag or set up a food-dispensing toy to surprise your cat with some unexpected fun.

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