Pets by Nature | Our Story

Our Beginning

Pets by Nature was established by Mark Sells in August 2016 as a family-owned healthy pet business based out of Denver, CO. The inspiration came from a little ball of fur named SEVEN, who purred, played, and snuggled by his owner’s side for over 17 years.

Named after Mark’s favorite Denver Broncos' MVP, the two had many great adventures together despite the fact that Mark was allergic to cats and Seven was battling a series of skin allergies.

Seven was a complete game changer in a move toward a healthier, cleaner way of life, as nutrition became a top priority, searching for natural brands, reading labels to avoid allergens, fillers, chemicals, and artificial ingredients, moderating eating habits, and exercising and playing regularly. Even after Seven was diagnosed with kidney disease at 16 and given weeks to live, using proper supplements, ensuring plenty of moisture, and adhering to an all-natural diet, he was able to continue living a happy life for another full year.

Pets by Nature was created to carry forth Seven’s legacy:
Healthy food = Happy pets (and longer lives!)

Our Mission

To improve the overall health and well-being of pets in each community by offering owners a convenient one-stop, healthy pet shop: the best all-natural pet products and supplies; the best information on pet nutrition; and the best at-home pet services.

Our Family

We are honored to continue Seven’s legacy by championing products that put pet health first and extend their lives through proper nutrition. And we are committed to the same philosophies toward pet wellness, education, community, and philanthropy.

In 2006, my husband Matt and I broke ground on a new house in rural Iowa with four young sons in tow. But it wasn’t the only thing new. Two young kittens showed up at our doorsteps and the boys begged us to keep them. Named Peanut and Zapco, these precious animals were the start of our long love affair with animals.

Since then, we’ve added many more cats and dogs. Our beloved Fox Hound / Beagle, Creed, helps us fulfill orders, sample new products, and makes us aware of all deliveries! And our cats (Blush, Lois & Ron) seem to have quality assurance and IT under control, with an occasional nap for good measure!

Many cheers to happy, healthy pets!

Angela Ward

President | CEO
Pets by Nature