Barkworthies Duck Jerky Dog Treats, 4 oz

Barkworthies Duck Jerky is grain and sugar free with a meaty taste your dog will love! Barkworthies Duck Jerky is a highly digestible treat that is high in protein as well as grain and gluten free. Each piece is baked to perfection, so it's simply bursting with savory aroma, texture and flavor your dog is sure to love.

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Product Description


  • Made from real duck
  • Highly digestible and grain free
  • No added antiobiotics or hormones
  • Baked to perfection
  • Great for small to large dogs


Duck, Vegetable Glycerin, Pea Protein, Salt.


We love our pets and know that wholesome nutrition is essential to their health and happiness. At Barkworthies we believe that simpler is better. Barkworthies treats and chews are completely digestible and contain absolutely no preservatives, chemicals, or additives. We only use the best ingredients and most of our products contain only a single ingredient. What could be simpler? And we pride ourselves on not only making our products wholesome and affordable, but also being responsible. We strive to not only be accountable to your dogs and you, but to the environment as well.