Benebone Large Wishbone Peanut Dog Bone

The Benebone Wishbone is our flagship. Since dogs don’t have thumbs, why give them a chew that you can pick up and they can't? With real bacon, peanut and chicken infused all the way through, your dog’s wish is coming true.

  • Small - under 30 lbs
  • Medium - under 60 lbs
  • Large - under 90 lbs

*When in doubt, choose the larger size chew toy for safety.

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Product Description


  • Super strong nylon
  • Food grade bacon, peanuts, chicken, mint, and maple wood
  • No chemicals or artificial flavors
  • Made in the USA


At Benebone, we like to think we are more than just your dog’s favorite chew toy. We are deeply rooted in a commitment to quality and intelligently designed products that simultaneously support our passion for helping dogs in need. The original Benebone Wishbone was born out of a collaborative team, designed in-house, then tested and refined until approved by man’s best friend. Our product line has since expanded with our Dental Chews, Pawplexer, and Maplestick, all crafted with the same high-quality, Made-in-USA ingredients your dog knows and loves.