Bravo Healthy Medley Salmon Cod Cat Treats, .75 oz

Want to treat your feline friend to a savory, freeze dried snack with nutritional benefits that can’t be beat? Break out a bag of Healthy Medley treats! Our Chicken Medley and Turkey Medley recipes take nutrition to a whole new level by including nutrient-rich organs as well as muscle protein. While Mariner's Medley is made with three different types of seafood muscle protein: salmon, cod, and shrimp. Since freeze drying (when performed properly) doesn’t degrade essential proteins, fatty acids or enzymes, all their original nutritive value has been retained in the most bio-available form for felines.

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Product Description


  • Raw salmon, cod and shrimp
  • No antibiotics, hormones, artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors
  • Grain and gluten free
  • Freeze dried to retain freshness, convenience, and flavor
  • Sourced and made in the USA


Chicken breast, chicken liver, chicken gizzard.


Bravo offers over 125 different products for dogs and cats. All are made from the finest, most nutritious ingredients such as antibiotic-free poultry, responsibly harvested  fish and select cuts of meat. And you can rest assured that our multi-step process meets strict food safety guidelines while keeping our food as close to natural as possible. We firmly believe in giving pets the best so they can be at their best. That’s what our "make good happen" slogan is all about.