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Earth Animal Flea & Tick, 2 oz

An Herbal Blend to Guard Against Fleas & Ticks from the Inside-Out. Highly absorbable and helps guard your dog or cat from fleas & ticks. Traditionally used to keep the blood bitter and assist the body in its defense against fleas and ticks. Helps quiet the reaction from flea and tick bites.

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Product Description


  • Helps quiet the reaction and itching from flea bites
  • High Absorption to help bitter the blood and prevent flea and tick bites
  • Made in the USA


Proprietary Blend of Organic & Wildcrafted Extracts of Garlic, Goldenrod, Yerba Santa, Tobacco, Wormwood, Yellow dock, Neem, Rue, Nettles.


We believe in real organic foods, our devotion to finding the very best ingredients and an overall pure and natural idealistic way to address a healthier way of life. It is about quality of life for us, why shouldn’t it be the same for our beloved companions? We share the many years of our work with you, with the hopes that you will enjoy and reap the benefits of the Earth Animal products and services.