Grizzly Pollock Oil For Dogs, 32 oz

Grizzly Pollock Oil focuses on supporting healthy skin and coat, and costs approximately 20% less than Grizzly Salmon Oil… so it’s a great solution if you’re mainly looking for skin/coat support. If you’re looking for more comprehensive Omega-3 support, we recommend Grizzly Salmon Oil. Rotating between the two can help make your pet’s diet a little more interesting while saving you some money.

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Product Description


  • Supports healthy skin and coat
  • Supports the immune system and nerve-based functions like cognition and vision
  • High levels of Omega-3 fatty acids and helps reduce inflammation and lowers risk of heart disease


Pollock Oil, Tocopherols (preservative).


Since 2002, Grizzly Pet Products has focused on the development and manufacture of all-natural products for dogs and cats, all based out of our headquarters in Washington state, USA. Our products range from salmon oil and treats derived from wild Alaskan salmon, to innovative joint support supplements. Whether your favorite pet is a dog or a cat, we are passionate about educating all pet owners about the research-documented health benefits of daily supplements of fish-based omega-3 fatty acids from wild Alaskan salmon. Our goal is to continue to identify and manufacture superior products, and to make these products readily available to every pet owner.