In Clover BioBrilliant Dental Supplement, 85 gram

BioBrilliant is a clinically tested, natural alternative to tooth brushing that is enjoyable for animals and their humans. BioBrilliant was developed with the same thoughtful process that goes into all of InClover’s products. No detail is too small. We use the highest quality goat milk whey to re-mineralize the enamel. This begins with goats that are pastured on chemical-free and naturally enriched fields. Keeping the microbiome of the soil healthy translates to healthy milk. Twice daily their milk is harvested and goes through a natural lactofermentation process to separate the whey. Our slow drying of the whey optimizes the bioavailability of minerals and nutrients in BioBrilliant. Our kelp is ocean farmed, harvested and slow dried the same day to keep the nutrients bioavailable in the final product. Tests show the kelp in BioBrilliant has higher levels of important nutrients compared to other products. BioBrilliant has also undergone PCR and RDA abrasivity testing to ensure the animal’s naturally thin enamel layer is supported. BioBrilliant dental powder can be used daily with Grin or Smile dental chews for a complete dental program for dogs and cats.

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Product Description


  • Clinically tested, natural alternative to tooth brushing that is enjoyable for animals and their humans
  • Made in the USA


Goat milk dried whey, coconut, yucca schidigera, dried kelp, green tea, anise, inulin, papain, dried Aspergillus oryzae fermentation solubles, dried Aspergillus niger fermentation solubles, calcium bentonite.


Boulder, Colorado based In Clover has been creating quality standard supplements using science and the best nature has to offer to help pets live happier, healthier, more vibrant lives for nearly two decades. InClover’s quality standard supplements contain clinically tested levels of active ingredients and focused consideration means products are guaranteed to produce real results you can see and your pet can feel. We also strive to reduce our “carbon pawprint,” which is why our company is powered by 100% wind energy.