PetKind tripeCAT Tripe Beef Grain Free Canned Cat Food, 24/5.5 oz

PetKind Tripe Treats “Green Beef Tripe” features only 1 ingredient: GREEN BEEF TRIPE. This “SMELLY” dehydrated treat is just what dogs love - EXTREMELY palatable and 100% PURE GREEN TRIPE!

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Product Description


  • Great for picky eaters with sensitive stomachs
  • Cleans teeth, supports a lustrous and healthy skin, coat
  • Helps training and rejuvenates older dogs


Beef tripe, beef, water, beef liver, taurine, guar gum.


When we were growing up, our mother showed champion dogs, where breed health and condition are so important. We lived and played together every day with our dogs - they were family, they were friends. Feeding and caring for them, we came to understand every detail of their happiness, health and wellness. It was a natural evolution for us to be inspired to create dog food. At PetKind, our unique upbringing compelled us to set new uncompromising standards which defined the search for original and exceptional ingredients and, the innovation of green tripe - exceptionally high in unsaturated, high quality fat with tremendous health benefits, including Omega 3 + 6 and Oleic acid, preventing diabetes and building a stronger immune system.