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Petzlife Ear Solution, 2 oz

Ear Mites are extremely bothersome to your cat or dog. They are itchy and leave a bloody residue behind. This remedy allows you to rid your pet of these pests.

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Product Description


  • Naturally controls spinose ear ticks and ear mites.
  • Herbal and botanical.


Quassia Amara(Quassia Bark), Sispanga, Sacha Café, Sisopanga rojo, distilled water, grain alcohol.


PetzLife is dedicated to bring to the domestic pet owner unique all natural products that will improve their pet's overall health and will also add years of life! PetzLife is also dedicated to product safety with products that are 100% natural. They have been tested by an independent lab and found to be perfectly safe for your pets with no side effects and are even safe enough to use on people! The main ingredient used is grapefruit seed extract.