Sojos Bacon Cheddar Dog Treats, 10 oz

These medium-sized bones are baked to perfection. Our Sojos recipes are crunchy snacks your dog will find absolutely irresistible. And of course, like all Sojos products, they’re made with a short, simple ingredient list. Wheat and corn-free.

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Product Description


  • Medium bone-shaped
  • Wheat and corn free
  • Made in the USA


rye flour, oat bran, bacon, cheddar cheese, canola oil, eggs.


Our goal at Sojos has always been to change the way that people feed their pets. And after 20 years of hard work, it's gratifying to now see more and more people discovering the benefits of a raw diet. From healthier skin, coat, teeth and gums, to a stronger immune system, to a reduction in allergies, it’s adding up to longer, healthier lives. Enzymes found in fresh, raw foods not only play an important role in digestion but support your pet's overall well-being. Enzymes allow your animal's body to absorb essential nutrients he wouldn't otherwise benefit from. And because his body is able to utilize those nutrients, his immune system is stronger. All the fruits, veggies, grains and meat in Sojos mixes are raw, meaning those crucial enzymes are intact and your pet will benefit.